We Take Green Seriously

The Port of Hueneme is committed to protecting the environment and supporting a healthy quality of life. The Port plays a valuable role in the health and viability of the local and regional economies and takes very seriously its role as an active community partner and as an environmental steward. Promoting the Port’s environmental stewardship efforts is a proven way to build support and trust from the local community and is why community engagement is a component of the Port’s environmental policy framework.


Environmental Steward

Implementing green initiatives are the way we do business at The Port of Hueneme. In partnerships with our customers, The Port strives to minimize the environmental impacts associated with trade operations on the local community.

  • Full compliance with federal, state and local regulations, and implementation of pollution prevention measures
  • The Environmental Framework is an action plan for The Port to expand its environmental stewardship program

Port Environmental Framework

The Port’s environmental framework is a critical element of the Port’s community engagement and “Being a Good Neighbor”. The Port works closely with other community organizations and associations that foster sustainable economic development within the community. Under its environmental framework the Port is building a strategic action plan in the key areas of air quality, water quality, marine resources, sediments, energy efficiency and climate change. The plan is threaded with the concept of sustainability balanced with economic vitality.

The environmental framework also includes a standalone piece on community engagement, to best solicit input on the Port’s environmental initiatives as well as form partnerships to explore and realize synergies to build joint ventures. Community engagement is achieved by soliciting input from the community residents and other stakeholders, educating the public on the Port’s environmental framework and success, and seeking partnerships to prosper the following environmental programs:

  • Clean Air Program
  • Clean Water Programs
  • Soil/Sediment Programs
  • Energy Programs
  • Climate Change Programs
  • Marine Resources, Fisheries and Wildlife Programs
  • Sustainability Programs

Green Initiatives

  • The Port, and every port tenant, is proactive about reducing emissions by using cleaner burning fuels in the vessels and equipment used to move cargo
  • Clean energy at The Port includes using energy efficient utilities and alternative fuels
  • Replacing conventional diesel with low emission propane-fueled trucks, and electrifying cargo handling equipment to reduce on-dock emissions
  • The Port actively monitors water quality to mitigate impacts to marine life and provides shoreside power for vessels and air quality improvement (over the 30 year life of the project)
    • 92% reduction in Particulate Matter
    • 55% reduction in Greenhouse Gases
    • 98% reduction in NOx
  • In 2010, the Port developed a Non-compliant Truck Reporting System (NCTRS) to document and report all trucks not in compliance with the California Air Resources Board (CARB) drayage truck regulation
  • In 2009, the Port voluntarily prepared an Air Emissions Inventory (EI) to quantify the air quality impacts associated with maritime operations
  • Implementing Phase I of a Stormwater Improvement Plan
  • Partnered with the US Navy and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) to construct and monitor a Confined  Aquatic Disposal Cell to dispose of contaminated sediment

Download The Port of Hueneme Environmental Management Framework

Port Environmental Framework

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