Starting this month, the Port of Hueneme will enter into a contract with local business New Millennium Mobile Auto Detailing for sustainable car wash services. In light of the Port’s recent Green Marine certification and commitment to our environment, this is an important step in keeping and enhancing our mission to support a healthy quality of life for the entire community.

Commercially accepted car wash practices can use between 20-60 gallons of water per vehicle (GPV) per wash. New Millennium Mobile Auto Detailing is an onsite service which uses only 2-3 GPV of water to wash a car. As a result, the Port will reduce their water waste by at least 85%!

As another green aspect, the New Millennium Car Wash also employs a water trapping and reclamation system that prevents runoff from entering any sewer systems.

Partnerships like these keep the Port #committedtoenvironment!