The Port of Hueneme Board of Commissioners set the stage for 2015 leadership voting its governance body at their first meeting of the year held January 12, 2015. Commissioner Jess Herrera will take the helm as President, Commissioner Manuel Lopez was named Vice President and Commissioner Arlene Fraser was voted Secretary.

Commissioner Mary Anne Rooney received accolades for her service as Board President in 2014.

Commission President Herrera kicked off his leadership post delivering a speech on the State of the Port and its achievements over the past ten years. A period he referred to as the Port’s ‘Great Leap Forward’.

Having been voted as Board President for his sixth time President Herrera set the tone for the year stating, “We are surrounded by new challenges to our environment that will demand collaboration, vision and leadership. I believe we are prepared to take on those challenges. We will continue to build goals that are socially responsible and in the best interests of all our stakeholders and especially the communities we represent.”

Port activities generate more than $1.1 billion in positive economic impact including $800 million in marine and related activity and another $330 million in local re-spending and consumption. These operations support almost 10,226 direct, indirect, induced and related jobs annually.