Port Committees

Board of Harbor Commissioners Committee Structure


To set policy for the establishment of Board of Harbor Commissioners Standing and Advisory (Ad Hoc) Committees to act as an investigative arm of the Board on matters within the specific subject matter of that particular committee.


Standing Committees shall be governed under the rules and regulations of the California Brown Act. The President of the Board shall make annual appointments to the Board’s Committees with the advice and consent of the Board. Ad Hoc Committees need not be governed under the rules and regulations of the California Brown Act.

The President of the Board of Harbor Commissioners shall name the members of each Standing Committee at the January meeting of each year. Ad Hoc committees are formed on demand. Any Commissioner is allowed to call for a meeting of a Standing Committee.

No Committee is delegated any authority by the Board of Harbor Commissioners to take any action on behalf of the Oxnard Harbor District and any action taken by a Committee in violation of this policy shall be void and of no force or effect.


Operations Committee:

Commissioners Hodge & Herrera

The purview of the Operations Committee includes functions such as marine operations for both offshore and deep-sea cargo operations (e.g. Cargo Handling Permits, Port Terminal Tariff No. 7, and policies and procedures regarding cargo space assignments). Focus of the Operations Committee extends to engineering and maintenance. Purview includes environmental framework and environmental compliance.

Business Development Committee:

Commissioners Rooney & Zacarias

The purview of the Business Development Committee includes business development and real estate activities (e.g. land acquisition, uses of satellite industrial lands, Joint use agreements with the Navy, etc.). Areas of concentration also include the World Trade Center Association, Foreign Trade Zone Services, economic development, and marketing.

Finance Committee:

Commissioners Rooney & Hodge

The purview of the Finance Committee includes review of and recommendations for the District’s Budget and review of the quarterly reports associated with the Budget. This Committee will serve as the District’s Audit Committee in conjunction with the preparation of the District’s annual budget and financial report.

Government & Public Affairs Committee:

Commissioners Ramirez & Zacarias

The purview of the Government and Public Affairs Committee includes governmental and legislative affairs and community outreach. Focus includes serving as a liaison with local, state, federal government and other special district partners. It extends to serving as liaison with the Port District cities of Oxnard and Port Hueneme. The Committee oversees matters relative to municipal agreements and MOUs. This Standing Committee works to maximize communications, build trust and create a spirit of cooperation with local communities. Work extends to serving as a liaison with educational entities (CLU, local public schools, etc.) to develop partnerships and programs of mutual interest.

Special Events Committee:

Commissioners Herrera & Ramirez

The purview of the Special Events Committee extends to Port events including the Banana Festival, Jobs Fair, Port Tours, and other special events.

Related Policies & Procedures:
Rules and Regulations of the California Brown Act
Rules and Regulations of the Public Records Act
Standard Operating Procedures 102

STANDING COMMITTEE: A permanent committee appointed to address a specified subject.
AD HOC COMMITTEE: Committee formed for a specific task or objective, and dissolved after the completion of the task or achievement of the objective. Most committees (other than the standing committees) are of Ad Hoc type.

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