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The Port of Hueneme is uniquely positioned as the only deep-water seaport between Los Angeles and San Francisco and is recognized as one of the most efficient and effective trade gateways on the West Coast.

Globally, Hueneme's prime geographic location provides shorter sailing times, quicker access to berths, and uncongested connection to California's automotive epicenters and agriculture heartland. Dockside, the port offers over 12 miles of Class Ill short­line railroad, with 4 spurs, which connects to the Union Pacific Railroad and plays a significant role in the transportation of freight and goods throughout the country. The North Spur ends inside Naval Base Ventura County (NVBC), which the Port uses commercially through its joint use agreement with the United States Navy, making the Port of Hueneme critical to commerce, community, and national defense.

Strategic Plan Pillars

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Economic Vitality

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Social Equity Community & Partners

The Port of Hueneme's volume has grown an impressive 80% over the last decade stimulating economic prosperity for California and Ventura County. Today, the Port moves over $15.8 Billion worth of goods generating over $2.8 Billion in economic impact, creating approximately 25,000 trade related jobs, and contributing more than $236 million in direct and related state and local taxes that fund vital community services. This success goes hand in hand with the Port's important environmental and community work. As an early adopter of zero emission technologies, the Port of Hueneme has emerged as a leader for environmental justice and progress, especially when it comes to public health and the environment. Since 2008, the Port has achieved an 85% reduction in PM.

In 2012, the Port completed a comprehensive Environmental Framework that set ambitious goals in air quality, water quality, marine resources, soil and sediment, energy, and climate change. In 2014, a shore-side power system was installed to enable ships to plug in and be zero emission at berth. Through its partnership with Tesla, the Port installed five battery packs to purchase and store power at off-peak hours, when it's cheapest and cleanest, for daytime use. The Port recently completed the installation of new electrical infrastructure to power hybrid electric mobile cranes, zero emission trucks, and zero emission yard tractors. These advancements helped Hueneme become the first port in California to be Green Marine certified in 2018, and just this past year achieved its highest scores yet.

Aerial view of a coastal industrial port with multiple cranes, shipping containers, and large storage tanks, showcasing ongoing port development against an ocean backdrop.

The Port each and every day is pushing aggressively into new fields of heavy duty industrial decarbonization in pursuit of a future of zero emission operations. In November of 2021, the Board of Harbor Commissioners unanimously voted to pass a resolution committing the Port of Hueneme to this zero-emission future.

Aerial view of a large industrial port area with ship loading cranes, storage containers, numerous parked cars, stacks of cargo, and nearby buildings and infrastructure, highlighting significant maritime infrastructure.

The path forward has been strategic and is being informed through a blueprint project known as SPARC (Sustainable Power Advancement & Resiliency for our Community), funded in part by the California Energy Commission's Clean Transportation Program.

The Port is grateful to the Governor and the California State Transportation Agency (CalSTA), who served as the lead agency for the allocation of $1.5 billion in Port & Freight Infrastructure Program (PFIP) funds approved in the Governor's 2023-2024 budget. The Port of Hueneme is receiving $79.8 million for its strategic PACED (Port Action, Climate, and Environment Development) project which is coupled with an additional $25 Million in federal, state and local grants. PACED removes dilapidated obsolete buildings, installs zero emission plug-in units for containers, and builds hydrogen fuel cell technology infrastructure. Further, the project brings efficiency and safety improvements with deepening of berths that will also allow for renourishment of local beaches with clean dredged sediment.

Of utmost importance, the funding supports shoreside power and emission control systems that make vessels zero emission while in port including roll-on /roll-off ships, and also provides for port-wide crane electrification and the procurement of zero emission cargo handling equipment. Components awarded further protect our ocean with the ability to procure an electric sweeper to prevent debris from going into the Port's stormwater systems. When it comes to our community, the Port is all hands-on deck with over $300,000 in local based sponsorships. The Port of Hueneme is proud to report its continued tradition to create civic enrichment by prospering new jobs and investing in the community and the environment.

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