Shoreside Power

Updates and Background

The Port of Hueneme, one of the pioneering West Coast ports in adopting Shoreside Power for cargo vessels, faced substantial setbacks following severe damage to its Shoreside Power System during an unprecedented rain and flooding event on December 21 and 22, 2023.

Torrential rainfall, exceeding three inches per hour, impacted the City of Port of Hueneme and surrounding communities, leading to substantial damage and flooding to the Port’s Shoreside Power System—a storm well in excess of the 1,000-year storm event threshold.

Throughout the 48-hour storm, Port crews worked tirelessly to pump water away from the system. However, the overwhelming volume of water and converging stormwater flows from the local community and Naval Base Ventura County exacerbated the situation, resulting in significant flooding. The Port, working in concert with Southern California Edison, promptly deactivated power to the shoreside power electrical infrastructure to ensure the safety of its staff, labor and the community, however the system was severely damaged by the flood waters.

Internal and external engineering teams including Schneider Electric, Southern California Edison, H3 Engineering and CAL-OES have conducted thorough assessments of the electrical systems and have determined the system is beyond repair and needs full replacement. Projected costs to rebuild the system are upwards of $30 million to $40 million.

The Port quickly began to respond as our Board of Harbor Commissioners days later approved an Emergency Proclamation to facilitate our response and the Governor issued a Proclamation of State Emergency a few weeks later to integrate State Emergency response work to the flooding disaster in Ventura County.

A dark, flooded outdoor area with water covering the ground and surrounding several tall, lit-up structures equipped with shoreside power.

Commitment to Community:

Over the last 14 years this equipment helped reduce emissions from ocean going vessels by as much as 80%! That means cleaner air for port adjacent communities such as the City of Port Hueneme and South Oxnard.

We will continue to be innovative and creative in funding and rebuilding this shoreside power system; whether it’s emergency relief funds, public private partnership, or something else— We will figure it out and we will be back online as soon as we can!

As we respond we will continue to learn to adapt to climate change driven storm events and share our lessons learned to others who will need them.

Committed to Community (graphic)

CDAA Funding

The State of California has approved California Disaster Assistance Act funding for the December 21st storm event. CDAA is a public assistance type grant process that allows for eligible entities to apply for the funding to rebuild and recovery from approved disasters. The Port has submitted its request for CDAA funding to rebuild the shore power infrastructure. The State of California Office of Emergency Services will work with the Port throughout the recovery process and support a 75% cost coverage with the Port matching a 25% cost share.

Cal OES logo with a bear on a shield and text that reads "Governor's Office of Emergency Services," emphasizing their commitment to integrating Marine Power solutions for enhanced emergency response.

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