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Port Governance

The Port of Hueneme is owned and operated by The Oxnard Harbor District, created in 1937, as an independent special district (business enterprise) and political subdivision of the State of California. Its mission is to operate as a self-supporting Port that enforces the principles of sound public stewardship maximizing the potential of maritime-related commerce and regional economic benefit.


The Oxnard Harbor District’s policies are set by a five-member Board of Harbor Commissioners elected at large from the District. Day-to-day business operations of the Harbor District are administered by a CEO, Port Director and professional staff.

The Harbor District, by its charter, can acquire, construct, own, operate, control or develop any and all harbor works or facilities necessary to efficiently accomplish its mission. It prepares and controls its own budget, as well as fiscal activities. It is responsible for all Port construction and operations.

The Harbor District

  • The City of Oxnard area (population 210,037), the City of Port Hueneme (population 22,327), and unincorporated beach communities.
  • Harbor Commissioners are elected by voters of the Oxnard Harbor District at large.
  • Four-year terms are staggered to maintain continuity.

Key Economic Engine For The Community

The Oxnard Harbor District collects no taxes, operating entirely on Port business generated funds. As a landlord port, commercial companies enter into operating agreements with the Port. The Harbor District pays significant amounts to the City of Port Hueneme for providing services necessary to support the Port’s activities.

The Port of Hueneme is vital in the intermodal logistics supply chain and significantly contributes to the economic health of Ventura County and Southern California.

    • Over $9.5 billion in cargo annually,
    • Generating $1.7 billion in economic activity.
    • $119 million paid in annual taxes.
    • Providing more than 15,834 direct, indirect, induced and influenced jobs regionally.
    • Top trading partners include: Austria, Brazil, Canada, Costa Rica, China, Ecuador, Germany, Great Britain, Guatemala, Japan, Korea and Mexico.