The Port of Hueneme is located approximately 60 miles northwest of the major metropolitan center of Los Angeles. The Port’s physical characteristics make it an ideal harbor. The harbor is also protected from severe storms by the nearby Channel Islands.

Harbor Depth: Entrance Channel; 35ft MLLW
Channel Length: 2,300 Feet
Turning Basin: 1,200 Feet
Tides: Average rise and fall is approximately 5.4ft to 6ft (1.65m)
Anchorages: West and Northwest of the Entrance Channel
Port Terminal: 120 Acre Terminal
Navy Terminal: 30 Acre Facility (Joint Use Property)
Berths: Wharf 1 (Three 600 linear feet berths) – Commercial Cargo
Wharf 2 (Two 700 linear feet berths) – Commercial Cargo
Wharf 3 (One 1,000 linear foot berth-Joint Use) – Commercial Cargo
Wharf 4,5 & 6 (License Agreement with Navy)
1 Shallow Draft (320 linear feet) – Squid Fishery
4 Floats approximately 600 feet of floating docking – Small Craft
Largest Vessel: 800ft (244m) LOA; 35ft (10m) depth
Rail: 12 Mile Short Line Track Owned by Ventura County Railway, LLC
Genesee & Wyoming Operator
Connects to Union Pacific
Navy Parcels: Up to 130 Acres for commercial use (outlease by Navy)
Arcturus Site: 10 Acre Off Port Property (leased by Port)
Edison Site: 5 Acre Off Port Property (leased by Port)
Private Parcels: 279 Acres of Privately Owned Port Industrial Property
Rail Yard: 8 acre switchyard that holds 99 box cars or 80 auto racks
Refrigeration: 256,000 Square Feet On-dock Cold Storage (leased by Port)
60,000 Square Feet Off-dock Cold Storage (Private)
Cranes: Mobile harbor cranes available
Tugs: Contracted by Port – Brusco Tug & Barge
Pilotage: Provided by Port Hueneme Pilot Association
Labor: ILWU, Teamsters
Stevedores: Provided by Ports America; Ceres; Pacific Ro-Ro; SSA
Fuel: Contracted by Port – TracTide
Security: Provided by Guardsmark


See Glossary of Port Terms