Building for the Future, Today

The Future Course of The Port is Set for Positive Growth and Maritime Innovation.

Hueneme Cool Port

The Port is actively pursuing completion of a state-of-the-art ECU (Ecological Compliance Unit) to treat imported fruit. This latest Control Technology has been successfully tested along California’s Central Coast and Florida’s East Coast. In California, the USDA & APHIS have certified the system and unit. After passing all of the required testing, operating permits were granted and issued by the California Air Resource Board.


Optimal Traffic Flow

The Port is committed to improving traffic flow and space utilization to support the diversity of cargo on-site. The Port’s Traffic Management Study uncovered a number of workflow and traffic issues that will support its commitment to optimal cargo velocity. The Port Operators Group is focused on the implementation of immediate, near-term and long-term strategies.

Improved Freight Mobility

As owner of the Ventura County Rail Road that connects with the Port’s on and near-dock infrastructure, planned improvements will maximize the structural integrity and efficiency of the intermodal network. New surfacing will optimize freight mobility and improve traffic flow along the Port’s intermodal corridor.

Increased Intermodal Velocity

The Port’s Intermodal Corridor Improvement Project provides long-term infrastructure enhancements that facilitate the efficient movement of cargo in the most environmentally responsible manner possible. The Project provides critical road and rail corridor upgrades insuring increased intermodal velocity and the long-term competitiveness of the Port.

The Port is working in partnership with the Ventura County Transportation Commission to widen Port Hueneme Road to increase traffic flow. Submitted as a project of regional and national significance.

Larger, More Efficient Ships

The Port of Hueneme dredging project will deepen the port to 40 feet, thus opening the Port to deeper-drafting cargo ships. Deepening the harbor will allow for increased capabilities and efficiencies.

Expanded Shore Power

Committed to creating a better environment for crews, dockworkers and local residents, the Port has installed its state-of-the-art shore power infrastructure system on wharf 1 to provide shore power to Berths 1, 2, and 3 for vessels regulated under CARB’s At Berth Regulation. Phase II will focus on the expansion to Wharf 2, providing shoreside power to Berths 4 and 5.

Improved Connectivity and Waterfront Environment

The Port’s modernization project is a terminal investment committed to improving freight connectivity. The benefits include improvements to existing transportation facilities, contributing to the economic competitiveness of a national port-of-entry, improving the quality of the working waterfront environment and surrounding community with benefits to the environment.