Fueling Trade And Business Expansion

The World Trade Center Oxnard’s mission is to encourage expansion of world trade activities in Ventura County, to foster greater participation in world trade, and to attract increased international business to the County. As the license holder of the Oxnard World Trade Center, the Port promotes the development of import and export activities within the business community.


As a resource the WTC provides the latest trade information and services, such as local products, market conditions, government regulations and overall business culture, based on the member’s specific region of interest.

Promoting Exports

By bringing together business and government entities, our goal is to increase international trade and economic development with support facilities and services. As a member of the world’s largest business-to-business trade association, the World Trade Center also provides reciprocal benefits offered by more than 360 World Trade Centers in 92 countries around the world. Trade summits are held with the goal of increasing international trade in partnership through MOU’s with the Economic Development Collaborative-Ventura County, California Lutheran University and California State University, Channel Islands.

World Trade Week Event

Find out more about the Port’s Annual World Trade Week Event in May.