Oxnard Harbor Commissioners Make Bold Commitment to Decarbonize Operations at the Port

Advocating for Solutions with the Goal of Pursuing a Zero Emissions Future

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November 16, 2021 – In a unanimous display of support, Oxnard Harbor District Commissioners voted on November 15, 2021, to adopt a resolution to demonstrate their commitment to decarbonizing operations at the Port of Hueneme as part of its pursuit of a zero-emission future.

“Adoption of this resolution shows our long-standing commitment to achieve zero emissions with clean energy and to reach this goal with honesty and integrity to do what is morally right for the planet,” said Jason Hodge, President of the Oxnard Harbor District.

Port of Hueneme - RES-1238-Goal of Decarbonizing Operations

The Port of Hueneme, which is owned by the Oxnard Harbor Commission, was recently awarded a $200,000 Sustainable Power Advancement & Resiliency for our Community (SPARC) “Blueprint toward Decarbonization Project” grant from the California Energy Commission to help identify the actions and milestones needed to implement medium and heavy duty zero-emission vehicles, equipment, and marine vessels and their related electric charging and/or hydrogen refueling infrastructure.

“I am proud to state that the Port is committed to working with our partners including BREATHE SoCal, Coalition for Clean Air, the Ventura County Air Pollution Control District, and Zero Emission Advisors to help plan out and accelerate the deployment of zero emission equipment,” said Kristin Decas, CEO & Port Director. “We will continue to work collaboratively and to secure additional funding for green infrastructure projects.”

The Port of Hueneme was also awarded a $3 million Zero-and Near Zero-Emission Freight Facilities Project grant from the California Air Resources Board in coordination with the Port of Los Angeles and has purchased the Port’s first two all-electric, zero emission cargo handling rucks, and electrical infrastructure to plug in zero emission equipment. In addition, Oxnard Harbor Commissioners voted to approve a $7.5 million project to add more electrical infrastructure to allow customers to plug in hybrid mobile harbor cranes so that they can operate with zero emissions. The focus will be to continue to implement projects for zero emission cargo handling.

  • WATCH a ship at the Port of Hueneme plugging into shore side power here

“We are incredibly excited about the Board’s resolution, and it is a reminder that the work of the Port does not stop at the fence line but extends into the local community — to the working families who are the primary recipients of its economic benefits but also who have been impacted by its pollution,” said Community Outreach Manager, Miguel Rodriguez. “Since 2012, the Port has embarked on a new chapter of integrating sustainability into its day-to-day operations. There is tremendous momentum gathering around decarbonizing the shipping and logistics industry.”

“The Port has been vocal about being a leader in this energy transition,” said Giles Pettifor, the Port’s Environmental Manager. “We want to ensure that an equitable clean energy future comes to our region and helps make our air clean and creates opportunities for our local residents, students and businesses.”

A commitment to additional reductions of ocean-going vessel emissions along with a committed to the continued growth of the Community Air Quality Monitoring Program as well as a goal for port short haul/drayage trucking to be zero emission by at least 2035 are some of the commitments the Port of Hueneme has adopted.

The passage of the resolution is viewed as a formal way for the Port to commit to a future with zero greenhouse gas emissions and decarbonized operations as the first step to a clean energy future. The Port of Hueneme views this move as a benefit to residents and stakeholders as well as a commitment to increase energy resilience by utilizing the recommendations from the SPARC Blueprint to further invest in the development of decarbonization.

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