Port of Hueneme - Farmers Bridge ProjectNovember 30, 2020 – The Port and City joined forces to replace crumbling bridge infrastructure at Bubbling Springs Park for the local community. The Port invested $22,000 to rebuild the Farmer’s Bridge with in-kind services from the City and volunteers from the NBVC Seabees.

“Since 2015, the Port has invested over $630,000 into the Community Benefit Fund that brings to fruition projects to benefit the local community, like the Farmer’s Bridge improvement project”, said Oxnard Harbor District Board President Jess J. Ramirez. “The spirit of these investments is to tackle some of the local issues that we can fix and improve outside of the Port’s everyday goods movement operations.”

Port Hueneme Mayor, Laura Hernandez stated, “The improvement at Bubbling Springs Park is just one example of how our local governments are pulling together to address the needs of local residents and improving our community.”

The Port invests $100,000 annually into the Community Benefit Fund. This fund is then overseen by the Board of Oxnard Harbor Commissioners and the City Councilors of Port Hueneme, with projects being approved by the collective agreement.

Kristin Decas, CEO & Port Director expanded, “These projects extend beyond the Port’s gate as an effort to promote economic development, nourish our beaches, protect the environment, and provide a greater good for the local community.”

City Manager Brick Conners added, “This partnership is an example of the commitment the Port and the City have to improving local quality of life and meeting the needs of our community.”