Investing in our Community’s Future

One of the Port’s most rewarding and impactful programs involves engagement with local youth and academia. The Port’s aim is to educate youth about global trade and introduce them to the exciting opportunities in the global supply chains. Many of the Port’s interns and youth are pursuing higher education and maritime-related career paths as a result of their participation in the Port’s educational programs – a true testament to the partnership the Port has built with local students, colleges and K-12 school districts.

Educational Partners

  • Global Trade & Logistics for Oxnard Union High School District (OUHSD) students
  • California Lutheran University
  • Oxnard College

Global Trade & Logistics Class

Port of Hueneme - Global Trade and Logistics Port of Hueneme - Global Trade and Logistics

The Port offers an award-winning 12-session Global Trade & Logistics class for Oxnard Union High School District (OUHSD) Juniors and Seniors.


  • Tuesdays starting on September 13, 2022, 4:00-5:15pm (Note: classes are subject to change pending COVID mandates)
  • Held at Port of Hueneme Administrative Offices, 333 Ponoma Street, Port Hueneme, CA 93041
  • Course credit may be available through school 
  • Paid internship will be offered to one student after completion of course
  • Deadline to apply: August 26, 2022. Consult with your career or guidance counselor for more information.

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Port staff, customers and partners teach about imports and exports, the global supply chain, safety and security, manufacturing and more.

An opportunity for a virtual internship at the Port is available to a select student at the end of every term. Read the Port’s Fall 2019 Dock Talk issue on the “Future of the Port” to see more about Port interns and their subsequent education and career paths — many of whom have entered the maritime, operations and environment fields.

For more information, please contact Drew Rodriguez:

Video Transcript

the port of hueneme a top economic engine
in ventura county is your golden ticket
right here in your backyard you have a
world full of opportunities
as a leader in automobile and produce
cargo in the state of california the
portaweinemi is offering a unique
experience to learn and grow through the
global trade and logistics program we
teach you the fundamentals of global
trade and logistics as well as career
opportunities available locally and
around the world
we got to tour the port see so many cool
boats all of the people working on the
port and just the environment is just
awesome so i’m also opening up my
opportunities to things like logistics
transportation business and kind of
opening up new horizons and where i want
to you know look into future jobs
this class will also offer a career and
employment readiness workshop to help
prepare you for your next steps
ask your teacher or counselor how you
can get involved with the global trade
and logistics program today
the world awaits


    WELCOME WEEK 2/28/2023
    US Ports and Global Trade
    Introduction to the Port of Hueneme and to the various players who help make cargo move.
    Presented by the Port’s Community Outreach Team
  • WEEK 1 3/7/2023
    Committed to Commnity
    How the Port engages in outreach efforts to maximize benefits to community and industries.
    Presented by the Port’s Community Outreach Team
  • WEEK 2 3/14/2023
    Harbor Security & Port Operations
    How the Port ensures a safe and secure working Environment for people and cargo.
    Presented by the Port’s Operation Manager
  • WEEK 3 3/21/2022
    Longshore Labor
    Local labor as a key driver of economic activity and cargo movement at the Port of Hueneme.
    Presented by the International Longshore & Warehouse Union (ILWU) Local 46
  • WEEK 4 3/28/2023
    Engineering & Construction at the Port
    Maintaining and creating space for cargo movement.
    Presented by the Port’s Engineering Manager
  • WEEK 5 4/11/2023
    Nourishing Our Farms
    How fertilizer and other liquid bulk arrives at Port and goes to our farmers to keep crops growing.
    Presented by Yara North America
  • Week 6 4/18/2023
    Innovation & Technology
    How collaboration across the maritime industry can lead to advancements in cutting-edge technology.
    Presented by FATHOMWERX
  • WEEK 7 4/25/2023
    Sustainability and the Environment
    Building a green, sustainable port for generations.
    Presented by the Port’s Environmental Manager
  • WEEK 8 5/2/2023
    Career and Employment Readiness. Planning for the future with the right tools in mind.
    Presented by Goodwill Industries
  • WEEK 9 5/9/2023
    From Farm to Table
    How a local company became the largest global supplier of the world’s best avocados.
    Presented by Mission Produce
  • WEEK 10 5/16/2023
    The Fresh Produce Industry
    Keeping produce fresh as it travels from Latin American sources to our kitchen table.
    Presented by Del Monte
  • WEEK 11 5/23/2023
    Final Exam Overview
  • WEEK 12 5/30/2023
    Final Exam
  • WEEK 13 6/6/2023
    Graduation Ceremony


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