We Take Green Seriously

The Port of Hueneme is committed to protecting the environment and supporting a healthy quality of life. The Port plays a valuable role in the health and viability of the local and regional economies and takes very seriously its role as an active community partner and as an environmental steward.

Environmental Steward

Implementing green initiatives are the way we do business at the Port of Hueneme. In partnerships with our customers, the Port strives to minimize the environmental impacts associated with trade operations on the local community.

  • Full compliance with federal, state and local regulations, and implementation of pollution prevention measures
  • The Environmental Framework is an action plan for the Port to expand its environmental stewardship program

Presentation on Air Quality by the Port of Hueneme’s Environmental Manager to the Oxnard Harbor District Board of Commissioners, October 19, 2020

Port Environmental Framework

Implemented in 2012, the Environmental Management Framework (EMF) helps guide the integration of sustainability into the Port’s day-to-day operations. This robust environmental document sets strategic action plans in these core areas:

  • Air Quality Management
  • Marine Resources Management
  • Soil and Sediment Management
  • Water Quality Management
  • Energy Management
  • Climate Change Adaptation

Download The Port of Hueneme Environmental Management Framework: Port Environmental Framework

Green Initiatives

  • The Port, and every port tenant, is proactive about reducing emissions by using cleaner burning fuels in the vessels and equipment used to move cargo
  • Clean energy at the Port includes using energy efficient utilities and alternative fuels
  • Replacing conventional diesel with low emission propane-fueled trucks, and electrifying cargo handling equipment to reduce on-dock emissions
  • The Port actively monitors water quality to mitigate impacts to marine life and provides shoreside power for vessels and air quality improvement
  • In 2010, the Port developed a Non-compliant Truck Reporting System (NCTRS) to document and report all trucks not in compliance with the California Air Resources Board (CARB) drayage truck regulation
  • In 2009, the Port voluntarily prepared an Air Emissions Inventory (EI) to quantify the air quality impacts associated with maritime operations
  • Implementing Phase I of a Stormwater Improvement Plan
  • Partnered with the US Navy and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) to construct and monitor a Confined  Aquatic Disposal Cell to dispose of contaminated sediment

Environmental Awards

  • California Green Business Network Certification, 2020

    Comprehensive Environmental Management Award — In 2018, the American Association of Port Authorities (AAPA) awarded the Port of Hueneme the high accolade “2018 Comprehensive Environmental Management Award”; the Port was selected for its development and execution of a comprehensive plan that seeks to enhance the environment through sustainable, efficient, and green port operations. Read More

  • Environmental Stewardship Award — In April 2017, the Ventura County Board of Supervisors recognized the Port of Hueneme for its environmental initiatives, presenting it with a County of Ventura 2017 Earth Day Award for Excellence in Environmental Stewardship. The award was presented by Supervisor Kelly Long to Oxnard Harbor District Commissioner Mary Anne Rooney and Port Director & CEO Kristin Decas. Every year in recognition of Earth Day, the Ventura County Board of Supervisors recognizes sustainability leaders in the community. Each Supervisor can recognize one such leader, and this year Supervisor Long put forward the Oxnard Harbor District as the top organization to honor. Read More
  • Greenest Port of the Year — The Port’s cutting edge environmental programs and strategic implementation of eco-friendly action plans received high accolades at 2017’s US Green Shipping Summit. The Port ultimately won Summit delegates over by showcasing its commitment to not only speaking about the importance of sustainable environmental practices, but dedicating the funding and manpower to bring these projects to life. Read More

Green Marine Certification

Green Marine CertificationThe Port of Hueneme is the first California port to receive certification from Green Marine, the preeminent certifier of sustainable maritime facility operations. Green Marine’s environmental program assists ports, terminal operators and shipping lines in reducing their environmental footprint through a comprehensive program that addresses key environmental issues and criteria. Being that Green Marine is completely voluntary, it affirms even further Port of Hueneme’s commitment to staying on the leading edge of environmental stewardship. Read More

In 2018, the Port of Hueneme completed the annual recertification process to maintain their Green Marine certification, reporting even greener scores than last year. This comes one year after the Port made history as the first port in the state to earn the certification. Read More


The Port is pleased to announce participation in a large regional project which will study the capability of zero and near zero emission technology to move cargo between the Port of Hueneme and the Port of Los Angeles. The portion of the project at the Port is being funded by $3 million in California Air Resources Board (CARB) grant funds, and will bring about two exciting innovations at the Port of Hueneme:

  • The on-Port installation of electrical infrastructure that will be able to provide a power source for plugging in future electric zero and near-zero emission cargo handling equipment. This marks a huge step forward for the Port’s plans to reduce local air emissions from the Port through the installation and operation of new technology. This will also involve the purchase of two new electric yard tractors which be the first cargo handling equipment to use the new electrical power infrastructure!
  • The movement of cargo between the Port of Hueneme, local produce processors, and the Port of LA via a hydrogen fuel cell drayage truck. This project will be the first time imported produce and locally grown produce for export have moved between Ventura and LA Counties using this cutting edge, zero-emission technology and will help inform future efforts to reduce emissions from drayage trucks in the region.

Read More

PHRESH — Port of Hueneme, Reducing Emissions, Supporting Health

As part of its commitment to being a steward of the local environment, the Port is proactively beginning development of a clean air plan in partnership with the local air quality regulatory agency, the Ventura County Air Pollution Control District (VCAPCD). PHRESH will be the first time in the State that a port and its air quality regulator have teamed up to write a clean air plan together. PHRESH will assess and address the Port’s emissions, air quality requirements and goals for the Port, future growth scenarios, emission control strategies, community involvement, strategy funding, implementation and monitoring.

HERO Class and Solar-Hybrid Vessels

The Port welcomed its first Post-Panamax ship, the M/V Thalatta, one of the newest, high-efficiency roll on-roll off (ro-ro) HERO class vessels optimally designed to increase capacity and flexibility while reducing emissions via on-board air scrubbers.

Since 2013, a world-class alternative fuel vessel MV Emerald Ace has called on the Port. The vessel is equipped with a hybrid electric power supply system that combines a 160kW solar generation system with lithium-ion batteries that can store some 2.2MWh of electricity. The batteries can provide all the electricity the vessel needs while at rest in Port, resulting in zero emissions at dock.