Cybersecurity Seminar at the Port of Hueneme Highlights Best Practices for Organizations

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[Port Hueneme, CA – August 7, 2022] — As cyber threats continue to increase across the nation, the Port of Hueneme organized a cyber security seminar to gather experts in the field who shared their knowledge and best practices. Today’s event hosted over thirty people with a panel of experts from the U.S. Coast Guard, Naval Base Ventura County, IT companies, and the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency.

Christina Birdsey, Chief Operating Officer for the Port of Hueneme welcomed the attendees.

Mike Morrison, Operations Manager for the Port, said combatting cybercrime is a team effort and he wanted to highlight the importance of information sharing by bringing people together for this seminar.

“Cybersecurity awareness training is crucial to ensuring cybercrime protection,” Morrison said. “From a port viewpoint, having this type of training reinforces the need to continue having strong security measures in place to guard against cyber breaches and to shore up any potential vulnerabilities.”

From the software and prevention side to the software use initiatives, presentations were given by both the private and the public sectors while attendees learned how the supply chain sector could be affected by potential cyber security threats and why it is important to remain vigilant. Some of the technologies and best methods used in the field were presented by Datastew, D-Tech, and Metronome Software.

“We were excited to host this cybersecurity seminar and subsequent exercise to share and learn from our strategic partners how to continue to keep information technology safe and secure,” said Christina Birdsey, the Port’s Chief Operations Officer. “We are stronger when we share information and assets so that we can keep this important economic engine running without disruption.”

Mario Garcia, Cybersecurity Advisor for the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency stated that a company’s staff and resources should not be exhausted before asking for help. “Cybersecurity is a team effort with the federal government and the private sector,” he said.

Cybersecurity Seminar presenters (left to right) Huy Ngyuyen, Metronome Software; Nick Duan, D-Tech; Michael Morrison, Port of Hueneme; Aaron Valance, Port of Hueneme; Chris Regan, U.S. Coast Guard; and Chris Miilar, DATASTEW.


Chris Millar from DATASTEW has worked with multiple seaports, municipalities, and terminal operators to solve their technology challenges. He offered seminar attendees advice to be prepared and expect for the systems used to combat cyberattacks to change.

“Many products do things like scan for hackers but will only notify you through email. That is too slow and adds more work,” Millar said. “Attending seminars and conferences will make you realize what needs protection that you maybe would not have expected.”

Mary Anne Rooney, President of the Board of Oxnard Harbor Commission said: “Offering a seminar focused on cybersecurity is important because it provides companies and organizations the opportunity to learn how to better protect themselves from emerging cybercrime threats.”