Going Electric at the Port! New Arrival of Electric-Hybrid Crane

Ports America Stevedoring’s Newest Investment will help the Port’s Zero Emissions Strategy and Increase Ventura County’s Economic Competitiveness  

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[PORT HUENEME, CA – November 3, 2022] – The Port of Hueneme, known as the fourth largest container Port in California, welcomed another electric-hybrid crane–an investment made by Ports America stevedoring. The crane’s arrival marked another important step in the Port’s partners continued investment in zero-emissions technology and focus on operational reliability, as the new crane is also going to be replacing another one that’s going to be decommissioned.

“We congratulate our Port partner Ports America in its newest $7,000,000 investment in Ventura County’s Port and in helping us continue on our legacy as the greenest Port in the country,” said Oxnard Harbor Commission President, Mary Anne Rooney. “This brand-new electric-hybrid crane will make us even more competitive for future grants and will help us achieve our path towards Port decarbonization much faster.

The new Liebherr electric-hybrid mobile crane arrives at the Port of Hueneme’s North Terminal.

Ports America, the largest terminal operator and stevedore in the U.S., continues to invest in new environmentally friendly crane equipment at the Port of Hueneme. Ports America handles Chiquita and Del Monte’s weekly fresh fruit vessel arrivals to the Port of Hueneme with 3 mobile harbor cranes. While other Ports on the U.S. West Coast posted drops in volumes, the Port of Hueneme is the only Port that had an increase of 33 percent of cargo volumes in containers in August 2022 compared to previous year, making the investment in cargo handling mobile container cranes critical for its continued competitiveness and customer service levels. The top reefer container commodities that the Port exports are frozen and fresh potatoes, apples, cheese, cotton, citrus and fresh grapes grown in California. Some of its strongest import volume commodities as seen on grocery stores shelves are the bananas, avocados, melons, and blueberries.

“The important addition of another Liebherr electric-hybrid mobile crane provides our customers the needed support and service for years to come and will further enhance the ongoing applications of green initiatives,” said Ports America General Manager, Casey Dexter. “Ports America is committed to the Port of Hueneme and its community.”

The Port continues to aggressively pursue efforts to reduce air emissions while moving essential fresh produce cargo, as the specialized reefer Port on the West Coast and providing growth for quality, high-paying jobs in the transportation, logistics and maritime sectors in Ventura County. Recently the Port installed high-grade air-quality monitors at Haycox Elementary School in Oxnard, Calif. to continuously monitor emissions in the area and track the Port’s emissions reductions improvements.

The new Liebherr electric-hybrid mobile crane replaces the old “Big Blue” crane at the Port of Hueneme.

“The Port is committed to a future of zero emissions and appreciates the efforts of our customers to do their part,” said Kristin Decas, CEO & Port Director. “With the arrival of this asset, the Port is able to optimize efficiency, reduce emissions, and support our hardworking labor force.”

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