May 24th Event is Fourth Consecutive Innovation and Technology Expo

May 24, 2017 – Port Hueneme, CA – The Port of Hueneme hosted its fourth consecutive Maritime Advanced Systems and Technology Expo, an event that added an important highlight on Port clean air technologies. The initiative is designed to encourage entrepreneurs and innovators to use the Port as an incubator for testing of new products and foster leading-edge technology for the port and maritime industry and its environment. Over 200 participants attended the event this year, with over 75 students from Oxnard’s Frank Middle School’s Robert J. Frank Academy of Marine Sciences and Engineering, Oxnard High School’s Aviation Science Academy and Pacifica High School’s CODE Academy.


Over 75 students participated in the event this year, from Oxnard’s Frank Middle School’s Robert J. Frank Academy of Marine Sciences and Engineering, Oxnard High School’s Aviation Science Academy and Pacifica High School’s CODE Academy.

The program opened with an overview of the Coastal Trident Regional Maritime Security and Response Program overview given by Brendan Applegate with the Center for Threat Management. Commissioner Jason Hodge, a local firefighter, was also taking part of the Coastal Trident event that took place on the Chiquita Progress Vessel at the Port during the MAST event.

“The training today enabled firefighters to get more familiar with the environment of firefighting on ships at the Port,” he said. “The different scenarios that can come up on a vessel and how to best protect the public in those occasions.”

firefighter training

Firefighters on Chiquita vessel hearing about its security process from a crew leader.

The MAST event was also a big hit with local students, by helping them identify with many different career opportunities in the maritime field specific to engineering, innovation and technology.

Commissioner Mary Anne Rooney greeted the students at the event. “I am glad to see such great participation of local high school students who are exploring technologies here today and thinking about their future career choices. We hope to open their eyes to dream of new challenges, innovations and to know that they could have a tremendous impact on the industry they choose to be in — whether it’s maritime, engineering or technology, this event is here to highlight the different opportunities that exist.”

To emphasize the goal, Port CEO and Director Kristin Decas commented, ”MAST showcases what we do every day at the Port to collaborate with the community, keep them safe, and utilize to the best of our abilities the latest technologies in environmental leadership as well as safety.“

Mary Anne Rooney

Port Commissioner Mary Anne Rooney welcomed the MAST attendees.

Great White Fleet, Del Monte Fresh Produce and Wallenius Willhelmsen Logistics’ Port customers’ leaders also spoke on a panel during the lunch program regarding their green technologies on vessels calling the Port of Hueneme. All three companies reduce emissions of air pollution when dockside. Del Monte and Great White Fleet/Chiquita do it through plugging into electricity while WWL uses scrubbers on their vessels to allow for zero emissions while at berth.

Exhibitors with projects at the expo included: Armada Logistics, Association for Unmanned Vehicles Systems, International, Booz Allen Hamilton, Braid Theory, Cal State University, Channel Islands, Coda Octopus, Economic Development Collaborative – Ventura County, Datastew, Enesgy, Eyes-on, GBL, Center for Threat Management, Icarus, Glovis, NAVSEA Port Hueneme, NAVFAC EXWC, Ocean Wings, P2S, Port Hueneme Police Department, Ports America, Port of Hueneme, RevUS LLC, SAAB, Safe Environment Engineering, SciFly, Seatrek, Stellar Biotech, Teledyne Ocean Science, Teledyne Seabotix, and the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office.

The MAST Lab/incubator concept was established under the leadership of the Port with the support and partnership of the Center for Threat Management and the Economic Development Collaborative of Ventura County (EDC-VC) as a cooperative research and development program. The Laboratory leverages the unique geographical, operational, and environmental assets inherent at the Port of Hueneme and provides collaborative stakeholders with a sustained platform for research, experimentation and testing. Technology leadership panelists provided important perspectives from Public Safety, Military, Smart Communities, Industry, and Maritime fields.

Christina Birdsey, Chief Operating Officer and the Port’s Director of the MAST program said, “We are thrilled to provide this platform for our community, stakeholders and students to take advantage of and grow innovation and collaboration through the MAST program.”