May 2020 – Harnessing the power of partnership, Department of Navy’s workforce “super-connector” NavalX announced an expansion of its Tech Bridge initiative to Ventura County. Joining five other new Tech Bridge locations around the nation, the Ventura location will be housed at the Port of Hueneme.

“I applaud our Federal partners for joining with us and the innovative ecosystem taking shape here in Ventura County,” said Oxnard Harbor District Board President Jess Ramirez. “This new designation will bolster the abilities of our community to develop cutting-edge technology right here at the Port.”

Kristin Decas, CEO & Port Director added, “Expanding our partnership to include this federal initiative strengthens our collaborative approach to solving the most pressing challenges of the maritime industry, be it security, environmental, supply chain, or infrastructure-based solutions. Tech Bridge will be housed in the Port’s 319 warehouse which also houses FATHOMWERX and the Port’s MAST (Maritime Advanced Systems & Technology) Lab.

Port of Hueneme - Tech Bridge

The Port’s 319 warehouse offers over 60,000 square feet providing access to an above ground dive tank, drone testing cage, 3D printers, metal printers, lathes, prototyping equipment, and environment testing for tech developers and start-ups.

Ventura Tech Bridge Director and Office of Research and Technology Applications (ORTA) Manager Alan Jaegar stated, “Our partnership with FATHOMWERX at the Port of Hueneme and the alignment of the NavalX TechBridge network will further accelerate our ability to engage innovators across the region and country in order to provide world class In-Service Engineering support to our Fleet and Warfighter.”

NavalX’s Tech Bridge initiative was originally founded in 2019 to help bridge the gap between private and public partnership in developing new technology. The initiative aims to bring collaboration between academia, private business industry, and the United States Navy to assist start-ups and local tech communities bring solution-based technology to fruition faster.

“All of the FATHOMWERX founding partners are really excited that we have been selected for this opportunity,” stated Bryan Went, FATHOMWERX Director and CEO of Matter Labs. “FATHOMWERX is an innovator of technology designs fusing academia, civilian companies and other nontraditional partners who work on United States DoD and Maritime’s most challenging problems.”

Bruce Stenslie, CEO of the Economic Development Collaborative stated, “This designation is an important recognition of the progress made and the effective network established to promote the region’s technology and innovative economy.”

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Partners working together: Bruce Stenslie (EDC), Christina Birdsey (Port), Eric Went (Fathomwerx & Matter Labs), and Alan Jaeger (ORTA) at the MAST Tech & Innovation Expo 2019
Partners working together: Bruce Stenslie (EDC), Christina Birdsey (Port), Eric Went (Fathomwerx & Matter Labs), and Alan Jaeger (ORTA) at the MAST Tech & Innovation Expo 2019