Dock Talk

Year End Issue


Holiday Greetings from Kristin Decas, CEO and Port Director

End of Year Message from President Jason T. Hodge

A stack of shipping containers, mostly blue with one orange and one white container, arranged in a shipping yard on a cloudy day. This scene was captured in the 2021 Year End edition of Dock Talk, showcasing the bustling activity and organization at the port.

NBVC and Port Joined Forces to Help Relieve U.S. Supply-Chain Congestion

A group of people wearing masks, standing and kneeling around a podium in a room with a festive Santa decoration and a digital fireplace display in the background, captures the essence of Dock Talk's Year End 2021 celebration.
A group of twelve people standing in front of a white curtain with a holiday wreath in the center background. They are dressed in a variety of festive and formal attire, smiling at the camera, capturing the joyous spirit of 2021.

Wishing a happy new year to all our hardworking Port staff, Commissioners, partners, customers, and friends.

Celebrating Our Customers

Seven people in business attire stand in a line, smiling, in front of a building with large glass windows, commemorating the 2021 Year End at Dock Talk.

California Transportation Secretary Visited the Port

Eight people in safety gear stand in front of a large docked cargo ship on a sunny day at the port, engaging in some Dock Talk about the year's accomplishments before bidding farewell to 2021.

Del Monte Brought Green Vessels to the Port

Economic Vitality

A woman stands at a podium with a large aerial view image of a coastal city on a screen behind her, reflecting the key points of Dock Talk 2021. An American flag and a California state flag are positioned on either side of the podium, setting the stage for the Year End review.

Port Made Another Splash – $5M Economic Development Grant

Seven people wearing face masks pose for a group photo in a room with a yellow and green accent wall, capturing the spirit of 2021. Four are standing in the back, and three are seated at a wooden table in front, as they gather for their year-end Dock Talk.

GFOA Win – Use of Best Practices and High Standards Resulted in Another Win for the Port


At the Year End 2021 ribbon-cutting ceremony in the port area, a group of people, including officials and military personnel, stand together with a large ship and cranes in the background. The event marked an important milestone discussed extensively in recent Dock Talk editions.

History in the Making! Port Celebrated Completion of Deepening Project

A large cargo ship docked at a harbor with cranes alongside, under a clear blue sky. Various machinery and equipment are visible on the deck in this bustling scene of Year End 2021, capturing the essence of Dock Talk.

Ceres Welcomed Two New Hybrid Cranes at the Port


Three workers in safety gear observe a hose being hoisted onto a ship during the 2021 Dock Talk event.

Oxnard Harbor Commissioners Made Bold Commitment to Decarbonize Operations at the Port

Three large Liebherr port cranes with extended booms and red hooks stand on a concrete surface under a partly cloudy sky, evoking the bustling activity of dock talks often held at year-end 2021.

“Exciting Day for Clean Air” – CEC Funded Port’s Blueprint to Become a Zero Emission Hub

Technology & Innovation

A large beige armored military vehicle is displayed in a warehouse setting with equipment and booths in the background, reminiscent of a Dock Talk feature from 2021.

ANTX-Coastal Trident Technology Exercise and Open House at the Port

Four individuals are standing in front of a banner with logos, holding and presenting an award. All are wearing masks and business attire at the 2021 Year-End Dock Talk event.

The Port’s FATHOMWERX Lab Snagged Government Technology Citizen’s Award

Social Equity, Community & Partnerships

Commissioner Jess J. Ramirez at Port's Food Drive

A resolution document from the Port of Hueneme Oxnard Harbor District, featuring formal text, official signatures, and a decorative border with a sailing ship illustration at the bottom left corner. This New 2021 Dock Talk edition includes special Year End highlights for the community.

The Port: Committed to Equality and Promoting Tolerance

Two men stand next to each other outside a building. One is holding a certificate and the other is standing behind a podium with a seal that reads "City of Pico Rivera." Several wheelchairs are visible, marking the significant achievements discussed during the 2021 Year End Dock Talk event.

Port Hosted Wheelchair Distribution for Local Disabled Veterans