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The day-to-day business operations of the Harbor District are administered by a CEO and Port Director and professional staff.


Kristin Decas

CEO & Port Director


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Main Phone Number: 805-488-3677

Harbormasters(24/7): 805-488-4615

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Austin Yang

Chief Financial and Chief Administration Officer

805-488-3677 x2229

photo Austin Yang

Gabriella Sabo

Accounting Manager

805-488-3677 x2230

photo Gabriella Sabo

Julie Johnson

Fiscal Technician II

805-488-3677 x2225

photo Julie Johnson

Paul Lydiate

Financial Analyst

805-488-3677 x2234

photo Paul Lydiate

Jaimee Constantino

Fiscal Technician I

805-488-3677 x2026

photo Jaimee Constantino


Christina Birdsey

Chief Operations Officer

805-488-3677 x2223

photo Christina Birdsey

Mike Morrison

Operations Manager

805-488-3677 x2221

photo Mike Morrison

Giles Pettifor

Environmental Manager

805-488-3677 x2104

photo Giles Pettifor

KJ May

Engineering Manager

805-488-3677 x2233

photo KJ May

Rodrigo Zaragoza

Engineering Specialist

805-488-3677 x2010

photo Rodrigo Zaragoza

Tony Ryan

Harbormaster Supervisor

805-488-3677 x2239

photo Tony Ryan

John Wood

Facilities Supervisor

805-488-3677 x2224

photo John Wood

Commercial & Public Affairs

Dona Lacayo

Chief Commercial & Public Affairs Officer

805-488-3677 x2231

photo Dona Lacayo

Letitia Austin

Public & Government Relations Manager

805-488-3677 x2205

photo Letitia Austin

Miguel Rodriguez

Community Outreach Manager

805-488-3677 x2226

photo Miguel Rodriguez

Garrett Raborg

Marketing & Communications Specialist


photo Garrett Raborg

Drew Rodriguez

Community Outreach Specialist

805-488-3677 x2212

photo Drew Rodriguez

Adam Vega

Community Outreach Specialist

805-488-3677 x2213

photo Adam Vega


Michelle Kinnun

Office Manager & Clerk of the Board

805-488-3677 x2235

photo Michelle Kinnun

Lauren Shields


805-488-3677 x2228

photo Lauren Shields

Aaron Valance

IT Services Manager

805-488-3677 x2215

photo Aaron Valance

Robin Campos

HR Manager

805-488-3677 x2232

photo Robin Campos

Sandra Cruz

Executive Assistant

805-488-3677 x2220

photo Sandra Cruz