Project 34 - Green Port Development
A Legacy of Green, Sustainable, Job Creating Projects

Economic Analysis

  • Jobs creation and positive economic impact

Port in the Community

  • Why this project
  • Who benefits

Real-Time Video Rendering of the Proposed Improvements to the Site Along Hueneme Road:

It's More Than Just Cars -- Hear from the People Whose Lives are Changed by the Cargo Moving Through the Port:

Video Transcript

00:02 - pride in our job
00:03 - I live in Oxnard locally and it does
00:06 - keep revenue within the city and it
00:07 - helps us do what we need to do to also
00:09 - buy products in our city my dad also
00:11 - works out here he's been bringing us
00:13 - since we were kids
00:14 - to the hall when it was just a little
00:16 - shack out on the beach it's helped me as
00:18 - a single parent raising my child and he
00:20 - is in school he'll be graduating from
00:22 - the University in December this is a
00:25 - port of Hueneme and we make cargo move
00:28 - [Music]

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