5,000 lbs. of Masa for Tamales, toys, and bananas distributed to two local communities!

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[Port Hueneme, CA – Jan. 2, 2024] – For the past two weekends, the Port of Hueneme alongside local collaborative groups such as; Ser Humano partnered with Nyeland Promise and the Southwinds Community Council to co-host their first annual community posadas. The posada, which is a traditional holiday celebration rooted in Latin American culture, is unique in that it brought toys for local youth and food for families. With music performed by the Inlakech Cultural Arts Center during the posada, Port of Hueneme, Ser Humano, and Nyeland Promise and Southwinds Council volunteers supplied nearly 1,000 families with food and toys for the holiday season. Nyeland Acres and South Oxnard families took home toys for their little ones alongside bundles of food that included rice, beans, lettuce, tortillas, bananas, Masa for tamales, and corn husks too!

Nyeland Promise is an organization that supports the residents of Nyeland Acres through direct assistance, access to critical services, and support of basic needs that empower the residents of the community. In 2012, under Senate Bill 244, Nyeland Acres was identified as a Disadvantaged Unincorporated Community. With nearly 3,000 residents, Nyeland Acres is amongst one of the most disadvantaged communities in Ventura County. Community events and efforts, like Nyeland Promise’s posada, promote the positive and prosperous transformation of an integral part of our community. Through the fruitful partnership with Nyeland Promise, the Port of Hueneme and its partners have been able to contribute to the creation of a pathway that supports the advancement of our local community.  The Southwinds Council has been actively engaging in advocacy and support for South Oxnard residents, who are themselves economically disadvantaged. They have been actively providing food and other essential items since the beginning of the pandemic.

“On behalf of all of the residents in Nyeland Acres, we are extremely grateful and appreciate the unwavering collaboration and support from the Port of Hueneme,” said Nyeland Acres Board Member, Mary Anne Rooney. “The donation made by the Port helps feed hungry families in this disadvantaged community.”

Santa Claus welcoming community members to the Nyeland Acres Posada


“We are appreciative and grateful to Nyeland Promise for giving us the ability to participate in such an amazing event at Nyeland Acres, and in Southwinds,” said Drew Rodriguez, Community Outreach Representative, “We wanted to finish the holiday season by sharing the work of the Port with our neighbors, we are eager to use the tools and resources at our disposal to contribute to the wellbeing of those in greatest need.”


Volunteers ready to hand out food to community members in South Oxnard


Highlights of the event were over 5,000 lbs. of Masa distributed for local community members, health screenings, as well as pictures with Santa and other resources.  “We are proud to continue to build on these partnerships in order to positively impact our most vulnerable community members.  Most of the folks who attended were farmworkers who had to take up to three days off work due to the rain and floods.  Through these events, we were able to provide much-needed relief and support to those families, our families.” Said Miguel Rodriguez, Community Outreach Manager for the Port who helped organize the events.


Flyer for the Southwinds Masa Food Distribution

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