On May 22, 2018, Jacqui Irwin and state and local leaders convened to celebrate the new funding allocated to construct the Rice Avenue Grade Separation Overpass Project in Oxnard.

The Port gives major accolades to Assemblymember Jacqui Irwin for securing $70 million funding for this important project. “Last year, during transportation funding discussions, I continued to raise how this urgent issue affects our community and secured a commitment from state leaders to fund the project,” Assemblymember Irwin said. “I’m very pleased that the state recognizes the compelling need to get this project done and is following through on its commitment to fund it.”

Designated as one of the top three most dangerous street intersections in the state, this upgrade will eliminate the potential for train-vehicle collisions, reduce congestion, and promote efficient freight movement. The $68.6 million to complete the project comes from Senate Bill 1 funding. in a telecon interview Governor Brown emphasized the importance of this project to the overall safety and improved quality of life for the community.

President of the Oxnard Harbor District, Mary Anne Rooney and CEO & Port Director of the Port of Hueneme, Kristin Decas were both in attendance. “Today is a testament to the spirit of collaboration between the Governor, the Legislature, and the Ventura County Transportation Commission to bring SB1 funding to our District,” Rooney said. “This project will improve the safety and efficiency of the critical link for Port cargo to be dispersed throughout our region and across 13 other states and Canada.”

Decas elaborated, “It is fitting that we are gathered here to celebrate the funding of this critical infrastructure project, as today is National Maritime Day. Some of the cargos that will move above and below this overpass include: imports like bananas, pineapples, new automobiles, and squid; Smucker’s Jelly headed to Chicago; and California grapes, peaches, plums, apricots, walnuts and almonds to be exported around the world.”

This project complements the Rice Ave. / 101 interchange and Hueneme Road projects completed over the past decade to streamline moving cargo out of the Port. In conjunction, these solidify the Port’s Primary Heavy Weight Corridor, and provide a safe and direct access to the 101 freeway for cargo. This corridor also supports the movement of military cargo through Naval Base Ventura County.