The Port of Hueneme is the only deep water harbor between Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay area and is the U.S. Port of Entry for California's central coast region. (View our Videos) It serves International businesses and ocean carriers from the Pacific Rim and Europe. The Port of Hueneme ranks among the top seaports in California for general cargo throughput.

The niche markets that Hueneme serves include: the import and export of automobiles, fresh fruit and produce. Its unique positioning near the Santa Barbara Channel has also made the Port of Hueneme the primary support facility for the offshore oil industry.

The Oxnard Harbor District is the Grantee for U.S. Foreign-Trade Zone #205.

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Tours are available for the public by calling 805.488.3677. Learn more >

Need a speaker for your group or gathering? The Oxnard Harbor District is pleased to provide speakers on various topics relating to the Port of Hueneme, the goods movement industry including Ports, Trade Corridors and Global Trade. For more information contact Will Berg.

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