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The Port of Hueneme is open to the public for tours Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. through 5:00 p.m. School tours are particularly encouraged. A group of approximately 13 people is recommended; however, with school tours, a larger number of individuals can be accommodated.

To arrange a tour of the Port, please contact Cam Spencer:
805-488-3677 x2205


About the Tour

The Port of Hueneme offers an excellent educational experience for students of all ages with tour content tailored to meet the educational needs of elementary, secondary and post secondary educational levels. Tours are generally divided into two sections, inside classroom style presentation followed by an outside tour by motorcoach. On average, port tours take approximately 1 ½-2 hours but can be shortened.


Students learn about:

  • Fundamentals of ports in our community.
  • The differences in size and function of ships vs. boats and the design of our ports tasked with handling both are discussed and contrasted.
  • Displacement, an important principle by which all vessels float is presented to students using everyday terms.
  • 95% of all cargo worldwide travels by water and students learn not only why ocean commerce is so efficient but to also distinguish between the various classifications of cargos that ports worldwide and in particular California specialize in handling.
  • Breakbulk, Containerized, Liquid bulk, bulk and Ro-Ro cargos are all discussed. Bananas, a particular niche (breakbulk) of the Port of Hueneme are introduced in depth. Download the Journey of the Bananas
  • Growing, handling and shipping of Bananas from plantation to your local supermarket.
  • Chemistry of fruit ripening and how the produce industry manipulates (using temperature controls)
  • Ripening process in order to ensure the arrival of the freshest fruit possible at our supermarkets throughout the region
  • Roll On – Roll Off (Ro-Ro) ships and cargos and are shown various examples of Ro-Ro ship
  • Origins of the Port of Hueneme and how the name Hueneme came to be identified with this area.


After a brief review, students are introduced to:

  • Special District governance and how they work with other local governmental entities.
  • Ports and their roll in the Goods Movement Industry and the jobs created by this important sector of our economy.
  • Challenges created (social, environmental & financial) by our modern economy as well as some of the particular job skills needed in today’s Goods Movement Industry.
  • Student tours, 1 ½ to 2 hours including classroom lecture and motorcoach drive.

Post Secondary

Students see first hand the operations of international commerce and learn terminology of the Goods Movement Industry.

  • Administration and operation of port services.
  • Port operations, “wharfage & dockage fees”, “Foreign Trade Zone”, Breakbulk, Ro-Ro, and more. These terms are easily transferred to their classroom learning when discussing concepts of export/import and the Goods Movement industry.
  • Observe the logistical system processes for bringing products and goods into the port.
  • The various employment positions associated with those processes.

Come and Tour A Working Port

Contact Cam Spencer:
805-488-3677 x2205


See Glossary of Port Terms