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The Port of Hueneme is open to the public for tours Monday through Friday 8:00am through 5:00pm School tours are particularly encouraged. A group of approximately 13 people is recommended; however, with school tours, a larger number of individuals can be accommodated.

For more information, please contact Community Services Manager Miguel Rodriguez:
805-488-3677 x2226

Port of Hueneme Tour - students

About the Tour

The Port of Hueneme offers an excellent educational experience for students of all ages with tour content tailored to meet the educational needs of elementary, secondary and post secondary educational levels. Tours are generally divided into two sections: inside classroom-style presentation followed by an outside tour by bus. On average, Port tours take approximately 1½-2 hours but can be customized. Note: during the tour on Port, students will not be allowed to exit the tour vehicle. Photos are allowed in certain areas as specified by the tour guide.


Topics that may be covered:

  • Fundamentals of ports in our community
  • Cargo, cargo handling, and an overview of world trade; imports and exports will be defined and discussed
  • Cargo types at the Port of Hueneme, included ro-ro (autos) and other wheeled cargo, produce, liquid bulk and fish
  • Growing, handling and shipping of bananas (the Port’s #1 import by weight) from plantation to local supermarket
    Download the Journey of the Bananas
  • Description of the types of vessels and cargo handling equipment they may see on Port
  • Wildlife that live at and near Port
  • Types of jobs at the Port of Hueneme, and an opportunity to see people in action on the Port
  • The Port’s commitment to environmental initiatives
  • Origins of the Port of Hueneme and how the name Hueneme came to be identified with this area

Students at a Tour PresentationSecondary

After an introduction, additional topics may include:

  • Special District governance and how they work with other local governmental entities.
  • US and California ports and their role in the goods movement industry and US/World economy
  • Job generation and the impact of the Port on Ventura County economy
  • Challenges created (social, environmental & financial) by our modern economy as well as some of the particular job skills needed in today’s goods movement industry
  • In-depth discussion of modernization projects at the Port and the Port’s Environmental Framework Initiative

Post Secondary

After an in-depth introduction, additional topics may include:

  • Administration and operation of port services and logistics in general
  • Port operations, finance, Foreign Trade Zone
  • Observation of  the logistical system processes for bringing products and goods into the Port
  • The various employment positions associated with those processes

See Glossary of Port Terms