Project 34 - Green Port Development
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Where is this site located in Oxnard?
Hueneme Road between Perkins and Saviers.

What was the site used for historically?

  • Site has been a vacant lot for more than 25 years
  • Used as a construction staging area
  • Prior to that it was heavily farmed
  • It is regularly plowed for weed removal

Why THIS land?
The private owner is looking to lease or sell the land, it is within one mile of the Port, and currently zoned as light industrial, and this project will reserve the land for future City use.

How will the Port change this site?
The Port will invest $250,000 for habitat-supporting landscaping using only native species. Beautifies Hueneme Road and creates a protective transition to TNC property.

Will this site be paved?
No. Only permeable, removeable gravel will be used. Rainfall soaking into the ground is an important defense against salty ocean water leaching into important freshwater resources — the Port designed the project to maintain the ability of the ground surface to absorb rainfall.

How long will the Port park cars at this site?
Temporary storage — 3-5 years maximum.

How many cars will be parked at this site?
The proposed vehicle storage site would provide up to 4,944 vehicle storage spaces. On average, 76 vehicles will be transported to and from the Port to the site for approximately 18 days of every month.

How will this impact traffic in the area? Rail?
Vehicles will be driven individually to and from the site. Zero trucks, zero new rail activity.

Does this site contain wetlands?
No. Two independent environmental firms concluded in their studies that there are no wetlands on the site.

What about public access to Ormond Beach?
The site is privately owned and has no access to Ormond Beach. The Port is currently partnering with community and resource agencies to assist in designing and providing safe access to Ormond Beach and the wetlands. Because it’s a temporary project, the Port serves as a steward of the land, developing it properly and preserving it for future uses as identified in the City’s 2030 General Plan.

Will the project impact animals and plants at the site?
Independent environmental firms determined there are NO threatened or endangered animals, plants or habitats on the site.

What lighting will be used?
Shielded, low-profile, low-intensity lighting will be used as to not disturb migrating birds nor adjacent properties.

Will this project benefit air quality?
Yes! The project will result in a decrease of truck traffic in Ventura County by consolidating car storage.

Will there be increased presence of ICE in the area?
No. Port Customs and Border Protection (CBP) is not ICE. No CBP or ICE agents will be on the site.

What are the economic benefits?

  • Creates 30+ new permanent jobs
  • Creates $2.2 million annually in local salaries
  • Average auto segment wage: $73,390/year
  • Jobs created are permanent for local residents.

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