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January 25, 2021 – The Port of Hueneme welcomed new leadership last week as the Board of Harbor Commissioners unanimously voted Jason T. Hodge to serve as Board President for 2021, marking the 3rd time he has been elected to lead the District.

Jason Hodge Takes the Helm as President of the Oxnard Harbor District

President Hodge was first elected to the Board in 2010, having served twice before as Board President. Hodge takes the helm focused on energizing the Port’s commitment to furthering the green initiatives and focus on environmental stewardship the Port has become known for.
“It’s an honor to once again be President of the Board of Commissioners of the Oxnard Harbor District. I’ve spent over a decade now helping guide the growth and environmental progress at the Port of Hueneme. Whether it’s our well-paying jobs or the meals we’ve directly fed to our community, the Port is an integral part of the health of our community.”

The Board also voted to elect Commissioner Mary Anne Rooney as Vice President and Commissioner Jess J. Herrera as Secretary. President Hodge aims to invigorate the Port of Hueneme/Oxnard Harbor District by focusing on environmental stewardship, economic opportunities, local job creation, and safety. To achieve this goal, he is bringing together community leaders and stakeholders from the private and public sectors.
Kristin Decas, CEO & Port Director stated, “Our Board’s leadership remains strong, as each Commissioner brings a unique perspective and strength to lead our Port. President Hodge brings a wealth of experience as a first responder, second generation Oxnard native, and a champion of growing our Port operations into an environmentally sustainable future.”

Trained in fire protection, water rescue, terrorism and hazardous materials emergencies and major disaster management, Commissioner Hodge brings expertise in emergency logistics and emergency response. He has assisted in managing disasters with costs exceeding $100 million and is committed to keeping the community and environment safe.

President Hodge has collaborated with Port Commissioners throughout the state to develop best environmental practices, decrease the port’s environmental footprint while increasing economic output. President Hodge worked closely with his fellow Board members in transitioning the Port to shore side power, helping to dramatically reduce pollution and noise. He also has initiated joint cooperation with local governments to create smart traffic solutions addressing congestion without reducing Port capacity.