October 3, 2016 Port Hueneme, CA – The Port of Hueneme recently was awarded a $14,000 Grant from the Ventura County Air Pollution Control District to install two electric vehicle (EV) charging stations for public use at two locations within the Port’s jurisdiction (one in front of the District headquarters building at 333 Ponoma Street and one in front of the Port’s building at 105 East Port Hueneme Road). The Port requested $14,000 in grant funding to pursue the installation of two dual-unit charging stations which will cost approximately $36,560.

Harbor Commission President Manuel Lopez said, “Installing EV charging stations reinforces the Port’s commitment to energy efficiency, helps reduce air pollution, and gives back to the community, all goals laid out in our 2020 Plan.” Further commenting on the project, VCAPCD official Mike Villegas said, “The Port is really out in front on environmental issues starting with shorepower, battery storage and now EV chargers, the Air Pollution Control District greatly values the partnership with the Port of Hueneme.”

The Port intends to install two dual-cord charging stations in convenient, publicly accessible locations to communicate to the community that owning an EV is a realistic and suitable alternative to gasoline powered vehicles. Mike Villegas, Ventura County Air Pollution Control District Executive Officer said, “This project yet again demonstrates the Port of Hueneme’s commitment to improving local air quality, reducing greenhouse gas emissions (GHG), and good environmental stewardship. The introduction of EVs into the light-duty vehicle fleet is an important component of the overall strategy to achieve state and federal air quality standards in Ventura County.

Not only would this reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and improve air quality, but it would also contribute to the development and addressability of “green” infrastructure available in Ventura County. Reducing GHG emissions is important to the Port and tracking long-term reduction efforts are a priority.

Currently, the nearest EV charging stations are located in downtown Oxnard and at 1400 Vanguard Drive in Oxnard. These additional two chargers will make EV charging more convenient in the areas of Port Hueneme and south Oxnard.