February 3, 2016 | Port of Hueneme, CA – A train is scheduled to run on the southern spur of the Ventura County Railway to the Port Terminal on February 4, 2016. This is one of four such runs scheduled for this year.

The Ventura County Railway is an active rail asset, but could not run trains last year to the Port Terminal on the South side due to construction projects. Genessee & Wyoming, the rail line operator, needs to begin testing the tracks for encumbrances (trees, shrubs, weeds, etc.) and will run an engine on that track once a quarter (once every three months).

As part of our 2020 Strategic Plan, the Port of Hueneme considers train activity in order to accommodate potential new business development. Efficient terminal access that minimizes impacts to the adjacent community while supporting high-velocity operations is essential for sustaining Port growth, creating jobs and reducing truck traffic.

The Port commits to working in partnership with the City of Port Hueneme and the local community to determine the best course of action to balance economic growth and the needs of local neighborhoods.