VCCA sounds the alarm on lack of economic growth for rest of the County

Jobs, Tax Revenue, Total Economic increases for the Port of Hueneme since 2013December, 2019: Santa’s sleigh has been doubling as a boat this year, helping bring record cargo into the Port of Hueneme. The Port delivers another record breaking year for cargo, jobs, tax revenues, and economic impact. Cargo grew by 3.6% over the past year; and, the past two years of record breaking cargo have generated the highest numbers of jobs, tax revenues, and economic activity in the Port’s 82 year history. Click here to view the Economic Report.

“The Port is a beacon of opportunity for our County, creating family sustaining jobs that lift our residents into the middle class,” stated Oxnard Harbor District President Jess Herrera. “These record breaking cargo and job numbers mean that more men and women will not have to look far for good paying jobs, and will be able to give their children a great start here in Ventura County.”

During the Oxnard Harbor District’s Board of Commissioner meeting on Monday evening, David Fleisch, Chair of the Ventura County Civic Alliance, presented the State of the Region Report. The report sounded the alarm on the negative economic growth in the County over the past five years, with the projection for at least two more years of stagnant or negative growth. He reported that the Port is one of only a few industries generating job creation within Ventura County. Click here to read the Report.

“As VCCA’s economic report shows, our Port is one of the few industries actually creating jobs for our County. And, being the Greenest Port in the United States, we are creating them with a focus on reducing environmental impact,” stated Oxnard Harbor District Commissioner Jason Hodge. “One of our goals is to be the hub of a clean future for our County.”

In 2019, the Port’s locally-grown produce exports, which include: stone fruit, nuts, grapes, frozen potatoes, onions, cheese, citrus, apples, dates, pomegranates, cherries, and pears, realized 66% growth. And, the Port’s automobile import sector grew by 13%. These increases build on the past 8 years of cargo growth at the Port and an impressive 26% growth since 2012.

Port Closes 2019 with 1.65 Million Cargo Tons & 2,201 New Jobs

CEO & Port Director Kristin Decas expanded on the Port’s record breaking year stating, “We don’t hang our success on one individual aspect of the Port, we attribute this historical success to the collaborative effort of all our customers, stevedores, laborers, and partners that make this operation thrive.” Decas continued, “Record setting cargo brings more jobs and revenues for our local cities and citizens, and enables us to make more environmental investments.”

Andrew Palomares, Port Deputy Executive Director, CFO & CAO reflected on the magnitude of these back to back years of record success stating, “We’re the 4th largest port in a State that’s the 5th largest economy in the world.”